Hace dos semanas tuvimos el placer de participar en el primer congreso on-line sobre reinvención (innovación, as you wish) organizado por nuestros amigos de GetStoried. Fue un evento lleno de sabiduría, buenas ideas y mejores vibraciones. Entre los conferenciantes se encontraban Storytellers de la talla de Annette Simmons y Sean Buvala, profesionales con más de 20 años de experiencia en este entorno. El congreso dio pie a la creación de un grupo en Linkedin que ya cuenta con 300 miembros. La mayoría son Storytellers de profesión, aunque también hay especialistas en Marketing y comunicación.

Como en los últimos meses la palabra Storytelling aparece con más frecuencia en los medios españoles y lo hace en referencia a temas que desde nuestro punto de vista poco tienen que ver con su significado real, se nos ocurrió lanzar una pregunta al grupo: Your definition of Storytelling is? Hoy queremos compartir las muchas y variadas respuestas que hemos recibido hasta la fecha.

Nota: hemos incluido los links, aunque el grupo (y también la discusión) es privado.

Touching people’s hearts with voice and words. ~ Laurent Marbacher.

Stories are the essence of human experience. That’s why they touch our hearts and minds. That’s why stories connect. That’s why they can be recycled over and over again and still appear as new and inspiring. ~ Peter Fruhmann

Words enable us to think. Story enables us to link. ~ Christina Baldwin [The Storycatcher] via Tom Genovese.

Storytelling is a form of science because it involves several elements that are organized in a special way to touch people. But storytelling is also art because without a good dose of emotion, inspiration and talent, the stories would not exist. ~ Marcelo Douek

I’ve been exploring this question via the Q&A series on my block. Interestingly, to some storytelling practitioners, defining story is limiting, so they choose not to. For others, defining story is very important. I compiled 43 Q&A in Defining Story (pdf). ~ Katharine Hansen.

Whatever else it may be, I think of a story as the most efficient construct for fusing meaning and emotion. ~ Eric La Brecque.

Storytelling for me is a process of exploration and discovery. Facts uncovered, shared, and interpreted bring a whole new dimension and understanding to what we know. ~ Char Pachniak.

A Connecting Bridge, a Walk Round the Garden Together, a Magic Mirror, a Pair of Wings. ~ Lisa Rossetti.

“Here’s a quote: “Any event retold from life that would appear to carry a meaning, however small, is a story” ~ Ben Okri.” But what about story as the door to the unconscious? ~ Lisa Rossetti.

A story is the shortest distance between two people. ~ Terrence Gargiulo via Lisa Rossetti.

A story is the most powerful way we hold up the mirror of life in which people see whatever they need to see in a given moment. ~ Ian Berry.

A story is an invitation to enter into deeper understanding with one another. ~ Erica Gunn.

A story is like some mental glue that connects people emotionally – since Mr.Spock’s mind-melt is not invented yet. ~ Christian Riedel.

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